In Wisconsin we value our freedom.

By voting we make sure our voices are heard in decisions about our communities that impact our lives.

Everyone — whatever our color, background or zip code — should have the freedom to cast their vote.
Recently, Republicans passed bills in the legislature that would have created new barriers for voting.
The impacts would have been felt especially among our neighbors with disabilities.
Here’s just some of what advocates had to say:
“These bills will create new barriers that may disenfranchise many voters with disabilities, and criminalize some forms of assistance.”
“The proposed voting bills will result in additional barriers and hurdles for people with disabilities to vote, particularly those who are rarely able to leave their homes due to their disability.”
“These bills increase barriers and add confusion to how citizens, including families and other caregivers, can vote using absentee ballots and how they return their absentee ballots.”
“Individuals with vision impairments and blindness, currently face significant barriers to voting, including not having an accessible absentee ballot. These bills place even greater barriers and further disenfranchise us from the right to vote.”
“Voting rights are the cornerstone of our democracy. We shouldn’t have to fight to have equal and easy access to the fundamental right to vote that gives us all a say in our government … Most troubling is the punitive nature of many of these bills, that’s causing concern that caregivers and neighbors can’t or won’t be able to help people with disabilities vote.”
“Gov. Tony Evers vetoed the bills passed by the Republicans in the legislature.”

If you want to learn more about how to register to vote and when and where you can cast your ballot, contact your local municipal clerk or visit